Strange behavior in occlusion test

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From: Abel
Country: Canada
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Subject: Occlusion tests


I had a standard occlusion test, i.e. an image component with an html question component on the left and an html answer component underneath the question. I decided to delete the html components so that only the image component and the red occlusion rectangle would be left. However, as soon as I do that and hit Ctrl+Shift+P to check the element, the Template is set as "None". When I test the repetition cycle using Shift+Alt+L, the red rectangle remains in place. Moreover, the test no longer gives me the option of "show answer", but instead immediately asks me for a grade. I do not have all boxes ticked for "display at" for the rectangle, and the element itself is still set as "item" and not as "topic" so that can't be the problem either. What is causing this behaviour?

Is there no way to have an occlusion test without the question and answer components? After all, sometimes it would make more sense to have just an image (e.g. a map) and an occlusion rectangle to cover a part of the image, without necessarily showing a question and answer


  • deleting components will often result in automatic detaching the template if the new set of components is incompatible with the template. if you want to retain the old template, you may need to reapply (the option, if asked, is to detach the template or modify the template)
  • if you want your items to be textless occlusions, you can define an occlusion template without HTML. For example, use the original template, delete texts. For Show answer to show, some component must be an answer (it can be an invisible component too, or empty text, or answer image, etc.)/


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