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When I add a new item, SuperMemo 16 assigns a long interval, like 18 days? It does not make any sense. Why a newly added item should come for review after 18 days? Please see screen shot.


Here are some possible reasons:

  • your memory performs well and SuperMemo adapts to your good performance
  • if you try SuperMemo ABC.kno, you will see that items usually get scheduled in 2-4 days at first, while topics get 20-40 day intervals. This is by design
  • cloze deletions have much longer first interval that items added with Add New
  • if yours is a new collection and the questions are too difficult for long intervals, SuperMemo will shorten the intervals (for this you will need to fail in 18 days, or reverse will be true)

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The picture shows that (1) this is not a new collection, (2) this is not a cloze deletion, and (3) this is an item (not a topic). This means that your first forgetting curve must look good. Please see Tools : Statistics : Analysis : Forgetting curves : Lapses 0 : Repetitions 1. Please send the graph for inspection if you are not sure how to interpret it.

Intervals are too long

Forgetting curve

Exemplary forgetting curve that would result in shorter intervals of 2-5 days (3 day produces forgetting index of 10%, or 90% recall at repetitions):

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.19.21 PM.png