Splitting acitivities in Plan

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From: m.
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 21:11 PM
Subject: Inserting an activity in the middle of another activity in Plan


In Tools : Plan, I planned an activity Reading which is to last 240 mins. However after 100 mins, something urgent had to be done. Let's call it Activity "X". I had to interrupt Reading. I do "X" for some time and after its completion, I'd like to go back to Reading, continue it (i.e. the remaining 140 mins), and finally finish it.


You can do it as follows:

  1. click the interrupted activity (Reading) in the plan
  2. click Split
  3. after the first portion of Reading, insert a new activity (e.g. press Ins)
  4. name the new activity, e.g. Activity X
  5. provide the estimated time at Length (if you do not make a guess, the alarm will be set to the minimum of just 1 min)
  6. click Begin. The alarm will be set accordingly. If you do not provide the estimated activity length, you can cancel the alarm (e.g. Enter in SuperMemo commander)

Note that your entire schedule will be compressed accordingly (to make room for Activity X). This means that the remaning Reading (#2) activity will be less than 140 minutes. If you wish to still retain its planned length at the cost of the rest of the schedule, click the R (rigid) column of the second part of Reading.