Spell-pads (text input) components' behaviour got cumbersome

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From: prad
Country: Poland
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Subject: Spellpads (text input) components' behaviour got cumbersome in SM15+ (or earlier?)


Spell-pads (text input) components' behaviour got cumbersome. Or rather - the behaviour of items containing such component. What I have observed in SM 15 and 16:

  1. on asking the question the focus is not in the spell-pad (it used to in earlier SM versions); that slow things down for an avid keyboard user like myself;
  2. after the answer has been provided, you cannot see the possible grades;
    1. you have to know the default 4/2 grades for such items, but even then you can be under the impression you cannot change them (at first, at least);
    2. you can change the grade, but it is necessary to either click Cancel (once only!) or use Alt+G shortcut (very well chosen, I admit).

All in all - no focus in the spell-pad can be a difficulty for keyboard and mouse users alike (why to click anything, actually?). The "where are the grades" one seems rather a fairly small UX issue. Am I missing something here?

EDIT - the only changes about spellpads I found since 2004 version are the ones mentioned in "What's new in Super Memo 15":

  • Full Unicode support: captions, search, RTL in contents, category names, spellpad uppercase, registry, Plan, messages, interface translation, etc.).
  • Bugfix: spell pad checker would not convert non-ASCII characters to uppercase (due to use of UpperCase instead of AnsiUpperCase)

Follow-up 1

I think no special software is running, since I use Windows mainly for SM. Also - I got the same results for Windows 7 with even fewer apps installed. I'll try to create an empty collection with such a question and see what happens. Perhaps that's sth about my converted SM2004 collection, although I checked things by creating a vanilla unit, not using any of my own templates. Still, I'll also send you an email with a screen-shot of Task Manager (or an Autoruns equivalent).

EDIT - well, things are getting more interesting (read: I'm confused). In a vanilla collection a question with built-in Spelling template applied sometimes behaves in the way I described, sometimes in the way it should. Same story about one of my collection items imported into new collection in Source code format. What's more, spelling items in my original collection behave in the same way. At the moment, all that has been checked under Windows 7 only. I thought it might be a matter of Firefox running nor not, but apparently that's not the reason. I'm considering taking the plunge and moving my collections to SM15 (while retaining my daughter's one on 2004).


  • in all SuperMemos spell-pads should receive focus as soon as visible! (in theory, it should work in all versions of Windows on minimum requirements list for a given SuperMemo)
  • in particular, spell-pad should work in Windows 10 for SuperMemo 15, SuperMemo 16, and SuperMemo 17 (yours is the first complaint)
  • please see if this behavior is not a result of interference with your other applications (you could list some unusual apps that run in the background: dictionaries, planners, spell-checkers, etc.)
  • it would be helpful if you could send a snapshot of your Task Manager in windows (Ctrl+Alt+Del)(processes, startup, details, services, etc.)(you can use e-mail for privacy sake)
  • perhaps the height of spell-pad is insufficient to show the cursor