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From: Matthias
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Sent: Mar 14, 2017
Subject: 1. tags; 2. proportion of answer box; 3. browser window


1. tags:

I have the following basic problem with my vocabulary cards. I can solve the problem in Mnemosyne, but not in SuperMemo:

  1. I have 20 lessons with 1.000 cards each (each card has 1 English word, sorted by frequency from 1 ... 20.000).
  2. I want to start by learning lessons 1 - 3 (at the same time).
  3. After some time, I want to add lesson 4, 5 and so on. I do not want to learn all lessons at the same time, because less frequent words are naturally also less important and thus should be learned with a lower priority (e.g. one should start to learn words 18.000-20.000 only when one knows e.g. 90% of words in the 10.000-12.000 range.

Problem: As time passes, I will encounter words (on the internet, in a book) that occur not in lessons 1 - 3, but in lessons 4-20. Obviously I cannot and should not learn all 20 lessons (20.000 words) at the same time. But when I encounter a word in a book/internet, I will have to look it up anyway. So it would be important to add all these words to the pool of words that are currently actively learned.

In Mnemosyne, I can define (by activating tags) that I want to learn lessons 1-3 AND all cards from ALL lessons that have I have been tagged as e.g. "preponed". I.e., when I encounter a new word, I search for the respective card and tag it. Subsequently, it will show up within the current set of cards that I am learning, i.e. e.g. lessons 1 -3, plus all cards tagged as "preponed".

Is there any solution to this? ______________________________

2. answer box:

I also found no way to change the proportion of question and answer box. I have only one or two words in the question box, but often a lot of text in the answer box. Is there a solution?


3. browser window:

I have several web-links in my answers, and often I want to launch them in Opera. Would it be possible to make e.g. Ctrl-left-click open the link in the operating system's default browser? Currently, this seems to require a lot of clicks.

Thank you!


Your question will be split to separate questions for a more comprehensive answer. It does not look like there is anything missing in SuperMemo. It seems it is all about "habits and solutions".

  1. to learn words out of sequence, you need to do search (Ctrl+F) and memorize (Ctrl+M)
  2. to change sizes of fields you only need to Alt+click twice and resize (see also templates)
  3. Shift+click on a link should open the target in a new browser window


  1. Question 1: Sequencing vocabulary material in SuperMemo
  2. Question 2: to change the size of the fields enter the dragging mode and resize the fields (see also: templates)
  3. Question 3: to open a link in a browser window, press Shift and click the link (this behavior may depend on the settings in your Internet Explorer)