SleepChart makes SuperMemo worse than Anki

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From: anonymous
Country: Germany
Sent: May 11, 2016
Subject: sleep optimization


On some discussion group I read "Unless you have a strict sleeping schedule, feed every sleep /episode/ into SuperMemo, and review the cards at almost the exact same time everyday, SuperMemo's algorithm is worse than Anki algorithm". This must be false. I doubt you would bind the algorithm to the need to input sleep data? I am just writing to let you know. I would also be happy if you have any comments.


SuperMemo algorithm is measurably better than the algorithm originally used in Anki. The algorithm is independent of sleep data, which can, but does not need to be used to optimize learning. You can execute your learning in SuperMemo at any time of the day. The only difference in the performance of the algorithm (in abstraction of sleep data) is the fact that your recall depends on the circadian cycle. for example, you are more likely to score Fail in a sleepy state late in the night. If you score Pass, memory consolidation may also suffer (less memory stability). Those factors will result in lower speed of learning.

Important! Anki adds their own innovations and it can possibly perform better than the original algorithm inspired by SuperMemo 2. For precise comparisons, you would need to have retrievability predictions available for compared algorithms for the same data set.

According to the newest measurements, the new SuperMemo algorithm: Algorithm SM-17 will substantially improve the performance of all versions of SuperMemo, esp. in condition of cramming or procrastination (yet in 2016).

We can proudly boast that at the moment of writing (May 11, 2016), SuperMemo Algorithm is the best spaced repetition algorithm in existence. Naturally, a new winner can be unveiled at any minute. We have been waiting for 30 years though.