Samson on SuperMemo 2006

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Samson proposed the following changes: source file:

Main Menu Suggestions

File Menu

  • rename File menu to Collection
  • place Item, Article and Task on File : New menu (or Collection : New ?)
  • put collection Rename, Delete, Copy, etc. under Tool : Collection menu
  • remove File : Level menu (Samson considers the different levels unnecessary -- if the levels were removed the menu items would be redundant)
  • move Registration/Password/Unlock menu from File to Help
  • "View as html" and "view as report" shouldn’t be under "File-->Tools--"
    • Solution: move them to the root of the File menu, i.e. "File--View as html" and "File--View as report"
  • Move 'Reset collection', 'reset parameters', ‘sort pending by original' and 'sort

pending by content' from "File-->Tools--Reset collection etc" to "Tools--Reset collection etc"

Edit Menu

  • rename Edit to Insert
  • remove from Edit: "delete components", "delete elements", and "edit text" options. These options can be found in the context menu by right-clicking, so there is no need for them to be in Edit. See suggestions in Editing Mode vs Presentation Mode section below.

Learn Menu

“Learn” menu is pretty unique. As far as I am concerned, it should contain everything relating to learning. But I found some options being put under “tool” and “view”

Solution: “Learn” menu should be like this:


  • all stages
  • Selected stage
  • Postpone
  • Mercy (Display a warning whenever a user clicks it)
  • -------------------
  • Randomize
    • repetitions
    • drill
    • Pending
  • Random test → blab la options
  • Random review
  • Cut drills
  • View Leeches
  • View semi-leeches
  • Settings (about forgetting index, A factor or whatever settings about learning curve)

Tools Menu

"Options" under "Tools" should provides choices about Supermemo program ONLY if you want "Learn" to exist.

Solution: put everything, like default font colour and size, default background, background pictures, default layout etc under "Options".

Other User Interface Suggestions

  • Find Texts Search function: look at Firefox, and see what it comes up with. Its search functions are just so convenient. Solution: Remove the floating dialog, and instead put the search window in the status bar.

Initial Display

Instead of letting user to face a black screen with no prompts. A new user definitely don’t know what to do.

With added collection information, an advanced user can easily be up to date with one’s collection.


Editing Mode vs Presentation Mode

The worst part is that there is no difference between editing mode and presentation mode. With the new model, you can easily edit item name by clicking the text on the top. For the elements, the little pen icon will bring the text to a default html editor. The supermemo icon will display the format toolbar. “F” icon will pop up a browse window for filter. The picture icon will add integrate other components like image, sound. The bin icon will delete the current components. The presentation mode will be just as same as what it is now –simple and clean. The edit mode should make editing convenient.

Likewise, you can add other icons there to make popular options readily available.