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SuperMemo 2000 has been reviewed here:

However, the review demonstrated the lack of understanding of the SuperMemo method. As such it needs to be disqualified even though SuperMemo received one of the highest scores among 200 pieces of software reviewed. Some of the remarks are listed below.

Even though the whole comparison enterprise is commendable, esp. in the light of a huge number of applications reviewed, this review shows little understanding of SuperMemo or spaced repetition (beyond the Leitner system). If other pieces of software are reviewed at this depth, the comparison is highly flawed. Similar comparisons on a similar mega-scale would probably require a significant investment and a large number of reviewers with strictly determined comparison criteria, if these are at all possible.

Errors in review

Errors in review of SuperMemo 2000 at Memorization Software Reviewed:

  • The following indicates the lack of understanding of SuperMemo: Assessment: no full Leitner system, but "three daily stages". The program automatically also sets a calendar as per the dates at which items are to be reviewed. Cards can be skipped ("cancel").
  • False: Questions cannot be reversed during training
  • False: no control by user since Leitner Study File system not supported
  • False: based on guesses about optimum repetition spacings, which are calculated taking into account diverse criteria (importance, investment, recency, etc.)
  • Unclear: reservations to the Search function (tip: press enter twice)
  • Probably a misunderstanding, this function does not exist: restore a collection
  • This is not a typical user experience in stable Windows in SuperMemo 2000: numerous access violations in edit mode


SuperMemo user comment

Apparently the review and website was created by a person participating in VTrain's development.