Resolving SuperMemo frustrations

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Interface frustrations

The problem with SuperMemo is that I don't like the interface and find it frustrating. This is just one of several things I dislike (e.g. can't drag and drop images): Why do I have to create image components, resize and position those image components and then go through a browse window to attribute the image component to images? And then I am asked through several modal boxes: "Would you like to leave imported file in original location" and "Delete original image?". And when I impose a template, it gives a set of dialogue confirmations too. Less time and fiddling with interface would allow for more learning and enjoyment. Instead, I get daily frustration.

Information overload frustrations

Some people say SuperMemo gives you extra energy, it makes you optimistic, it makes you quiet about your knowledge and your future. However, for me it was a source of major frustration. I wanted to know everything and there were too many things to master and too many repetitions to do.

Solution to my frustrations

Now I know it is not about 'perfect memory' or memorizing every detail... It's about incremental reading and making regular knowledge flow through. Such that.. yes.. I won't remember every last detail.. and that's not important. But by increasing the associativity in subject matters, I know where to look and how to solve problems.

General knowledge is very powerful. In terms of details.. only on specific projects. And it depends if that project is long-term, short-term, reoccurring, etc.. If it's a onetime thing, SuperMemo not needed for details.. just a log/report or lots of comments in my code.

I'm not an encyclopedia and that is not point of SuperMemo. Point of SuperMemo is to keep contexts fresh in mind through active recall.

I used to get anxiety about all the details.. and would commit too much garbage and waste lots of time!

It has gotten better though!

(compiled from notes of Mat Wilson, USA)