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From: Jonathan
Country: Sweden
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Subject: Research conducted at Supermemo



I'm a medical student at Karolinska institute in Sweden and i'm rather interested in long-term memory research. Is Supermemo still actively researching this field. If so, is the results published in any peer reviewed journals? I would love to read them! :)


You are more likely to be interested in the molecular aspects of memory, while SuperMemo primarily deals with mathematical models of long-term memory. We have hypothesized long ago which molecular variables might correspond with 2 variable memory model, however, there is virtually no interest in his connection. We have received no meaningful feedback. In that sense, this path is in limbo.

Still: The DSR Model should guide molecular research of long-term memory. Researchers who ignore the findings will work in a blindfold.

New SuperMemo employs a new algorithm that brought new insights into the model of memory. This may or may not be a subject of a peer-reviewed publication. We intend to publish the new results, however, this is not a priority. Previous publications met with little interest. There were very few citations. Moreover, peer review has distorted the original text that made it less readable. This is why having those results published in a mainstream journal would be nice, but it is not considered a vital part of the future of SuperMemo.

Incidentally, in the first publication on SuperMemo we used the term "repetition spacing". We later moved to using "spaced repetition". This helped establish the latter as synonymous with "optimizing the length of intervals in learning". As a result, the original publication is invisible in publication searches in the subject.