Problems with pasting images

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Pasting an image from the clipboard does not generate a new image component, instead it generates a text component. And sometimes, it doesn't even generate a text component, when I paste an image. I am using supermemo 2008. And I did follow the instructions: "To paste a picture to SuperMemo, copy it first to the clipboard. In SuperMemo, go to the element that you want illustrated with the picture. Make sure you are in the presentation mode (e.g. press Esc a few times if you are not sure). Press Shift+Insert or Ctrl+V. All components of the current element will be shifted to the left to make space for the picture. A new image component will be created. Your picture will be added to the image registry and connected with the image component."


This probably started happening in new Internet Explorer which allows of pasting pictures, or their URL text. When supermemo detects texts in the clipboard, it adds a text component, pastes the text, and quits the job (prematurely). For SuperMemo to react appropriately to this change, it will have to be modified/updated to respect the new clipboard format. To work around it you could probably use Web Import on the Edit menu. The clipboard content change be changed by repasting to a picture-only application (e.g. MS Paint). For example, shift+click on the image component in SuperMemo and paste the picture to MS Paint instead.