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ash2011 wrote:

SM-16 has problems playing video files (.mp4) and Youtube. Few weeks ago, I sent the following email to your support and I got a response. I followed the instruction, but it did not solve the problem. Files are playing fine with my window media player, but not in SuperMemo. SM doesn't even import the file. In addition, youtube files takes about 1 minute or two to play a youtube video that is only 5 minutes long.

I am using Windows Vista, IE9, and downloaded the codecs.

I upgraded to SuperMemo 16 for its video incremental future. It is not working. I get an error message when I try to import my video files ( mp4). There is a screen shot of the error message that I get. I also attached a copy of it.

MP4 should work ok in SM16. In your case, this must be related to the way your videos are handled in Windows updating/installing video drivers/codecs should solve the problem. Please see: The error message comes from the MCI system, not SuperMemo itself (even though it is displayed by SuperMemo).

Note: I am unable to attach an image file to here. When I click on the image icon, I get this File:Example.jpg.


  • YouTube and MP4 problems are not related and should be addressed separately
  • it is not clear what you mean by saying When I click on the image icon, I get this File:Example.jpg. If you choose Upload file in Wiki (on the left), you should get all instructions about uploading files. Naturally, you have to name your own file, not use our example.jpg
  • once you solve the problem, please write which steps you used (to improve the documentation)


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