Problems after deleting a background image

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I accidentally deleted a picture file on my computer which served as the backdrop (NOT background, but the backdrop for each element). Now I get the message: "The member does not have a filespace slot - Image #16 - you need to manually correct this error by importing the file." I looked on Supermemopedia and found this: The_member_does_not_have_a_filespace_slot, but the Answer provided did not help me (perhaps it is not specific enough. Any assistance would be appreciated.


You can put a new background picture in the place of the deleted file if you remember the path to the deleted file. If you do not remember the path, the solution presented in The_member_does_not_have_a_filespace_slot has been extended by your case. The difference is that you did not import your file to a component, but simply used an image registry member as a background to your elements. This means that you cannot use component menu to access the background. You can access it with Edit : Background : Link from registry on the element menu though. Once you access the member, you can use Edit : Overwrite file on the image registry menu to import a new picture file.


SuperMemo does not use the term backdrop. Instead it uses SuperMemo background and Element background. Edit : Background : Link from registry on the element menu determines the element background.


Addendum to Question: Your solution worked perfectly. Is there a way to implement the solution you suggested to all elements in my collection? I have more than 8,000, and doing it piecemeal is not practical for me. Again, I thank you in advance for the assistance.


Perhaps there is a miscommunication, if you use Overwrite file the change should be global. Perhaps you just change the member in Link from registry? If so, keep the old member, just change its file (overwrite). Or perhaps add more detail to figure out where the misunderstanding is...