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  1. Why don't you answer my e-mails?
  2. Windows can destroy your learning material
  3. Some application lock SuperMemo files and cause errors
  4. Is my data safe?
  5. SuperMemo editing disabled all of a sudden!
  6. Problems with longer articles (i.e. how to solve HTML problems)
  7. Problem with video drivers in SuperMemo 16
  8. Conflicted copy of files on DropBox
  9. SuperMemo horror. Data lost!
  10. Some elements freeze SuperMemo while learning
  11. Is there a forum for SuperMemo users?
  12. Mega-confusion_with_templates
  13. Horror - I lost 10 years of my work
  14. Problems with SuperMemo 15 at second run after installing
  15. Old titles still appear in question marks in the Unicode-enabled contents window
  16. I hate F5
  17. Why am I suddenly asked to register SM if I registered ages ago?
  18. Pictures get mixed up
  19. Editing local page makes SM hang
  20. Duplicate Element shortcut does not work
  21. Question box dissapeared
  22. Why e-mailed collection does not work?
  23. Windows disappear when reverting to default layout
  24. Error pasting HTML,Microsoft's mshtml.dll refuses to paste
  25. Keyboard problems in HTML (DeHTML-ize shortcut does not work)
  26. Duplicate Element shortcut does not work
  27. Unruly rectangles in occlusion tests
  28. Not a valid Win32 application
  29. Cannot_open_player_device
  30. I deleted a component from many elements
  31. Problems_with_importing_bulk_mail_from_MS_Outlook
  32. SuperMemo hangs up on mail from MAILER-DAEMON
  33. Problems with umlauts in XML exchange
  34. Squares in Q&A files
  35. Cannot correctly search with match words and case sensitive
  36. Error editing HTML
  37. Why SuperMemo does not remember the level?
  38. Problems after renaming a collection
  39. False hits in the search procedure
  40. OLE Error in SuperMemo
  41. Why Ctrl+Alt+N does not paste anything from the clipboard? No article paste
  42. Problems with import from SuperMemo 7
  43. Too long inter-repetition intervals after using Mercy
  44. Why is SM2004 slower?
  45. Cannot upgrade from Multimedia SuperMemo
  46. SuperMemo problems after hard reboot
  47. Why do I get Clipboard access prompt?
  48. Pasting image component results in resizing of all components
  49. Mail_imports_twice_from_MS_Outlook
  50. Memory allocation problem in SuperMemo
  51. Cannot load image file
  52. Read beyond end of file
  53. Component buffer size mismatch
  54. Does SuperMemo change system clock
  55. Main menu unavailable
  56. Error processing mouse click
  57. Cannot launch SM: Drive or network connection unavailable
  58. Swap problem
  59. French characters in SuperMemo
  60. Animated GIFs cause a flicker
  61. Greek font in Contents
  62. How can I revert to the font used in SuperMemo from before a Microsoft update??
  63. All the font sizes change except the Question and Answer components
  64. SuperMemo deletes the text of a topic upon creating a cloze deletion
  65. SuperMemo reports my collection is locked
  66. Can not type polish letters when searching collection
  67. I can not run SuperMemo Power Words CD-ROM in professional or advanced mode
  68. I found no way of storing background colors for a template. How can i change the background of my existing cards?
  69. Strange behavior of an image component
  70. Undeletable registry member
  71. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F6
  72. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S
  73. Find Elements: Error: List index out of bounds (1)
  74. File corruption in HTML component
  75. Workload: Invalid argument to data encode
  76. Workload: Date outside the learning process: Jan 12, 2007
  77. Workload: Moving between Graph and Daily tabs looses current date slection
  78. Analysis: Work done statistics not dynamically updated during an open session of SM
  79. Analysis: Topic count incremented with remember of elements
  80. Keyboard shortcuts E, Q and A: Different behaviours
  81. Recovering from damage to files in a big collection
  82. Wrong interval in repetition history

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  1. Message: This collection has already been locked
  2. Cannot load image file
  3. mshtml.dll errors
  4. Cannot open clipboard
  5. Element beyond the end of the collection
  6. Element changed while loading HTML
  7. Wrong component buffer marker
  8. UsedInterval is less than 1 in GetRepetitionData
  9. OLE Error in SuperMemo
  10. Read beyond end of file
  11. Cannot swap memory data to disk
  12. Component buffer size mismatch
  13. Error showing object
  14. Error setting focus
  15. Range check error when opening a collection
  16. Error setting HTML selection
  17. Cannot create C:\Program Files\SuperMemo\systems\Enterprise Roadmap (copy)\registry\template.reg
  18. SuperMemo error: Cannot save the layout
  19. SuperMemo error: Error finding registry member position
  20. Error pasting HTML Microsoft's mshtml.dll refuses to paste: Unspecified error
  21. SuperMemo error: Fatal error! Cannot create registry File access denied
  22. Error using copy and paste in the contents window
  23. SuperMemo 98: Wrong component buffer marker
  24. SuperMemo error: Cannot create directory
  25. SuperMemo File Repair error: Wrong priority queue size
  26. Pick file error
  27. Cannot compute retention for day #30
  28. Fatal errors after editing templates in the template registry


  1. How to replace image component?

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