Pasting images into an HTML component does not always work

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From: Adam G.
Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2011 3:49 PM
Subject: pasting images into HTML is inconsistent, only somtimes works


When I copy an image to the clipboard, and paste it into an HTML component, and answer 'no' to 'do you want to create an image component' the behavior is erratic, several things can happen:

  1. an string like "#Image5730:" is pasted, but no image
  2. a string like this is pasted, followed by an image
  3. the image is pasted
  4. nothing is pasted

This has prevented me from using supermemo for my desired purpose, clipping partial screenshots from PDF files to initiate incremental reading.

P.S: Also, it takes at most two tries to get the image to be pasted.


  • if you answer yes and create an image component, your life will be much easier for many reasons (read about Visual learning, which is based entirely on image components:
  • the confusion will probably be gone if you paste images before or after some text (for images to be preserved withing HTML files, the texts need to have names, those are taken from the HTML text, if texts are empty, internet names or URLs are used to name images, however, if you paste a nameless picture into an empty file, Supermemo probably does not know how to name the texts or names it always the same way?); nevertheless, if you switch to using image components you will be a happier man
  • even if the text is empty, SuperMemo should generate its own #Image[number] to name the image, if it does not happen in your case, it is a bug that should be listed at Bugs