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Options to remove from SuperMemo

If you believe some options in SuperMemo are confusing or unnecessary, list them here, and let others argue against your suggestions. Some of users suggested removing vital components of Supermemo. Even incremental reading was on that list. Other frequently suggestd options to remove: SleepChart, Plan, and tasklists. Some options that have been removed as little used or confusing include: programmable SuperMemo, programmable repetition spacing algorithm, or tree auto-sort. Options that are kept for compatibility only include RTF components, scripts, drag&drop tests, point&click tests, and OLE components. Options removed from SuperMemo 17 due to little popularity: line components, upgrading from SuperMemo 8-15, CHM support, image GPS cors, random learning, CD-ROM title support, read-only and learn-only modes, replace template, Actions toolbar, component ClipBox, OEM texts, and more.

Your suggestions:

  • ...

user comments

  • Do you think that Microsoft would remove sort options from its file explorer to avoid confusion of Windows users? Do you sort your files when browsing "My Computer"? Are you confused because of that? I would really apreciate this option. To be honest I'm the one who is now confused by his unsorted collection :)

--Michalg 13:35, 5 April 2008 (PDT)

  • For non experienced users hiding and turning auto-sort off under beginner level mode would stop them from confusion. On the other hand you have encouraged us to keep all knowledge in one collection therefore keeping a lot of heterogeneous items in unsorted tree is very inconvenient for me.
  • I think REMOVING options is seldom a good idea. The more options available the more we can work around some of SM limitations and customize our SM experience. If an option confuses people, maybe make sure that the first time they press on it a pop-up appears telling them what will happen and what they can do about it afterwards, with an option to cancel the command. Perhaps even adding a "memorize" option to that pop-up to introduce that element to SM so they don't forget about it. -Peter

SuperMemo rules

The rules are:

  • keep supermemo simple
  • listen to customers carefully

If options are removed, it is almost always because of someone complaining that they are a waste of space or a confusion. But once removed they can always be restored (if there is sufficient interest).

re: hiding auto-sort in professional mode - transition to professional mode is one click away, and nearly all problems with user configurations occur when beginners enter the professional mode, change a few options, and then cannot figure out how to get back to the original state; nevertheless, this suggestion can only wait for the next version SuperMemo (only bug-fixing minor changes to code are permitted at this stage)

Every version removes lots of code that is less popular or unused. This helps keep the program clean. The more code there is, the greater chances for bugs. If a code is used little, there are few reports, and dangerous bugs can lurk. Pop-up options require maintenance too and are also a source of bugs, e.g. see a recent outcry over a cryptic message popping up at the beginner mode. It is hard to describe SuperMemo actions in a simple language. If those popups are not hidden from beginners they get pretty confused and that adds to the reputation of SuperMemo being complex, buggy, unfriendly or geeks-only.

Options to restore

  • tree auto-sort is actually on the restore list, it just did not make it to SuperMemo 15