No response from the tech support for days

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From: SuperMemo Forum User
Sent: Thu, Jul 16, 2009, 7:16
Subject: [supermemo] Re: Cannot apply stylesheet


I am surprised. I am interested in buying SuperMemo and am trying to make sure it will work with my computer, but I get no response after 3-4 days?

My question was about the error "Cannot apply stylesheet"


Questions that have already been answered in the documentation receive lower priority and may take longer to be processed.


  1. As indicated in the help topic you referenced in your original forum topic Cannot apply stylesheet, the Cannot apply stylesheet bug has been fixed in later releases of SuperMemo
  2. It is always best to download directly from official SuperMemo websites or request download instructions. When downloading from other website, you may get a file infected with viruses or engineered for malicious purposes. The version you got is very old and has been available from only briefly long time ago.
  3. As a matter of the support policy, we do not answer questions that have already been answered to avoid bloating and disorganizing the documentation which, as a result, might become confusing to users. Such cases are resolved by forwarding a link to a relevant page in documentation, however, those type of questions receive lower priority and it make take longer for you to get a reply