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I have been notified that the answer to my questions will be posted at this site, but two weeks later, the page is still empty


The most frequent reason for this is that your mail software truncates page addresses. In such cases, you cannot just click on the incomplete URL. You need to splice the part separated by your mail software. Otherwise, you will get to a page that does not exist and will be under the impression that your question page remains empty indefinitely.

At the moment of notification, the page always contains basic data (incl. the question and often some rudimentary hints). In other words, it should never be empty.


In a response to one of my questions I was told to go to,,, etc., for your response.

The page said 'no record of my inquiry'.

It also said: " if you see an empty page remember to splice addresses that might be truncated by your mail software". Unfortunately, do not speak computer geek, please translate this into plain English for me.


All e-mail by SuperMemo Support is sent in the plain text message format. The majority of e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) hard-wraps the lines of such messages at 70 something character. This way, long URLs may be broken into two or more lines. As a result, when you click the first line of such a broken URL (which is only a part of the address) you will be taken to a non-existent page. What you have to do is to copy the first part of the URL and paste it into the Address bar of your browser, then, analogously, copy the other parts of the broken URL and append them to the previously pasted partial address in the Address bar. Only when you copy and paste all the parts, you can click Go or press Enter to go to this address.