Multiple lapses when learning English

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From: anonymous
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Sent: Feb 5, 2018
Subject: problems with English


This is an item which I have made by myself. It is to help me to disburden me from mixing up the terms:

  • A) desert [dɪ'zɜːt ](verb) German: verlassen
  • B) dessert [dɪ'zɜːt](noun) German: Nachtisch
  • C) desert ['dez9t](noun) German: Wüste
  • D) desert ['dez9t](adjective) German: verlassen

This is why I created it:

  • A) and D):

Same spelling, same translation but different pronunciation and different part of speech (ver, adj).

  • A) and B):

Different spelling, different translation but same pronunciation

  • A) and C):

Same spelling but different pronunciation and different translation.

  • C) and D:

Same spelling, same pronunciation, but different translation

This Item has 18 Lapses.


This item should be replaced with multiple cloze deletions. Possibly 4x3 cloze deletions: English word, pronunciation, and German meaning, times four.


This item is likely to cause a lot of recall problems and confusion due to its complexity. If you split it into multiple cloze deletions, you will add many new items to your collection, but they will each cause much less trouble, and will reduce your learning burden overall. You will be able to gradually eliminate context of individual questions, simplify, employ templates (e.g. for spelling), and have more fun with SuperMemo in the long run. This is explained in detail here.