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From: Peterhans H.
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:50 PM
Subject: Downloading Images in HTML Components


I have a large collection of SuperMemo elements (about 2000) which include HTML components with pictures that are locally stored on my hard drive.

This collection works fine and I had not problem with it for two years but when I transfer my collection to another computer those pictures are not displayed.

I can localize single pictures with Ctrl+F8 (Download images from the component menu) on the original PC and then they are displayed correctly on the second computer but for 2000 elements that's hardly an option.

How can I localize a whole collection?


  • Pictures that are part of your collection (i.e. located in the same folder as your collection) should display correctly independent of the name of the folder or name of the collection on the new computer.
  • If you link to the outside of the collection, pictures should also display ok on another computer as long as you keep external files in a folder with the same name (as in your links).
  • Unfortunately, you cannot automatically localize all pictures in the collection.

More information needed

To get more help, please write how you created the links to pictures on your first PC.