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I am trying to import a number of books into SuperMemo for incremental reading. These books are in DOCX format, and include images. I have followed the procedure outlined in How_can_I_import_a_Word_document_with_pictures?. I then use Localize on the images. However, the images propagate in unwanted places. For example, I import a book called "The Essentials of Everyday Economics", and localize the images. Then I import a book on "How to Chair Meetings", and localize those images. However, the images from the second book replace the images from the first book, so that when I open the topic containing the first book I see the images from the topic containing the second book. What causes this behaviour, and what can I do to change it?


  • the advice you quote, refers to SuperMemo 15. If you have SuperMemo 17, images are handled differently
  • Instead of Localize, you should better use Import. Localized images do not "propagate" (i.e. get to illustrate or derivative texts). They just sit interwoven with HTML
  • if one images replaces another, it can be caused by data corruption, or deleting images directly from the registry, rather than image components (the empty spaced are later filled out with new images)
  • Localize is subject to changes to Internet Explorer, while Import makes you only dependent on SuperMemo


For best advice on how to work with images, see Visual learning.

Follow-up Question

I have followed the instructions at the link you posted, but I am still not able to do what I want. All I want is to import a book with in-line images as a complete file, and incrementally read it. So I do the following:

1. I save my docx file as a simple html file on my desktop.
2. I import the html file as "Local pages (elements hold whole web pages)" into SuperMemo using Shift+Ctrl+A.
3. I localize the images using Ctrl+F8.
4. I delete the original html file and image files from my desktop, as they are now in SuperMemo and I should not need them anymore.
5. I open SuperMemo. The HTML file is still there, but the images are missing.

What am I doing wrong?

sending a file

  • Please send an exemplary file for processing. Depending on the version, they may be different way of localizing files, or importing HTML file the _files folder. If you import from a local disk, local links may point to a local file that you delete.
  • keeping images in image components is safest and best for incremental reading. Most importantly, images can propagate to all children elements and never need to be duplicated