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Open Source

If you would like to use SuperMemo in your applications, the simplest solution is to implement the Algorithm SM-2, which is described at You do not need to license that algorithm. It is open to the public. Our only requirement for such cases is a prominent credit given to the authors of SuperMemo. You have to include the following copyright note and site reference regarding the Algorithm SM-2:

Algorithm SM-2, (C) Copyright SuperMemo World, 1991.

Please be sure to document all improvements and extension to make sure your users are not confused as to the power and limitations of the algorithm.

If your project is successful and gets a substantial following, you can consider getting in touch again to integrate newer SuperMemo technologies and receive promotional support.

For more, see this blog entry:

Algorithm SM-15

We no longer support projects based on the newest SuperMemo algorithm unless on a basis of a separate contract with major nationwide or global implementation in mind. The main reason for this is (1) the complexity of transferring know-how and trade secrets, and (2) expensive support and testing concerned with proper implementation. This does not mean that you cannot use SuperMemo algorithm in your projects. The simplest solution is to implement the Algorithm SM-2 (as mentioned above).

Algorithm SM-17

This is work in progress. You can track the outline here: Algorithm SM-17. If you have a large project in mind, chances are we might opt for recommending this solution (not earlier than in 2018). Please get in touch via e-mail for more information. Please include the outline of your business plan or similar documents that would allow of assessing the potential of your project.

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