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Is there any possible way to automatically import all the wikipedia articles of a given language into Supermemo at once? It doesn't matter how complicated it is as long as it can be automated. I've tried everything I can think of.

more information needed

Please explain "all articles". Wikipedias hold thousands to millions articles. Having this all in SuperMemo might cause some problems like huge collections, slow SuperMemo, or perhaps unknown bugs that show only in multimillion element collections (the biggest know practically used collection is around a million small elements).

If you speak of pages opened in the browser, then select text and Web Import would do the trick.

Additional information

I do mean all the hundreds of thousands of articles of e.g. the German or English wikipedia. I know it's huge, but I would like to read the entire wikipedia in my language without having to manually import each article (it would take way too long).

Opening a million pages in the browser for Web Import is not practically feasible with such a huge number of articles.

Possible bugs aside, is there any way to get the articles imported? For example, why can't I seem to place files in one of the supermemo folders and have them show up in my collection?


One of the keys to success in learning is material selection. Even when importing single articles, you will quickly realize that your memory is insufficient to hold even a tiny fraction of your imports.

It is not possible to read the entire Wikipedia. You would waste more time on slowdowns and excess information than you could possibly ever "waste" on imports which should take a microscopic fraction of the reading time.

You can leave Wikipedia at its place, search it with Google and have it up-to-date. Import to SuperMemo only those portions that you really need to learn.