Is there any harm to nesting categories?

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Is it harmful to the collection (or otherwise generally considered an anti-pattern) to nest categories in SuperMemo? For example, I have a folder for Math with several subfolders, one of which (Discrete Math) has a category already applied. I just created a new category for Math with one template and applied that new template to all elements in the remaining folders.


I'm wondering if it would be harmful to set the category root for the Math category to be the Math folder, even though it is the parent folder of the Discrete Math folder which already has its own category. Will nesting categories like this cause any conflicts/harm in my collection? Or is this the correct way to handle categories in SuperMemo? I checked the documentation but did not find anything specific on this, though I may have missed it.

Thank you.


Probably there are no downsides to nesting categories/concepts other than more complex knowledge tree management (if any). For example, if a category/concept is nested under a root of another category, it might be re-arrange at node overflow and get dispersed between several branches. (?)