Is there a shortcut for "highlight"?

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From: LYW
Country: China
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what's the shortcut of "highlight"?just cannot find.



As of SuperMemo 16, you can use Highlight in the Commander.

Use Ctrl+Enter then type H. The Highlight function should be selected and you can press enter to apply.

user comment

Unfortunately there is no keyboard shortcut for highlight. According to the page Suggestions_In_Consideration the developers are considering adding one. I would also find it useful.

reply: shortcut crowding

That list of "in consideration" has now been updated. Adding the command to the commander is considered as "implemented". The list of shortcuts is full. Commander was to relieve that crowding. In this case it is two keystrokes that are more mnemonic than ordinary shortcuts. For this to become an actual shortcuts, the following would need to happen:

  • find a key that could be used for that Highlight that does not conflict with other shortcuts (you may need to suggest removing some less needed shortcut)
  • that key change would need to raise no justified complaints
  • that key would need to be tentatively implemented to test in real life (e.g. for mistypes) and then in alpha testing (for complaints)

This is indeed a useful functionality but it would need to battle with thousands of other ideas that keep not getting implemented.