Is SuperMemo better than VTrain?

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Is SuperMemo better than VTrain? According to this site, VTrain is the best? Can Supermemo compare with this one?


VTrain uses the Leitner system, while SuperMemo uses spaced repetition, which is vastly superior. As for user experience, you need to decide on your own. This is very individual. Admittedly, many users complain that SuperMemo is not too friendly, however, it gets friendlier with prolonged use. Moreover, VTrain is free so you would need to compare it with SuperMemo freeware (e.g. SuperMemo 15).

The review of SuperMemo at that site contains quite a number of inaccuracies. That site is co-authored by a person who is listed as one of the two authors of VTrain, so it's NOT fully independent. Last but not least, SuperMemo was ultimately advanced to "the best" category along with VTrain.