Incremental video overhyped

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From: Stanley F.
Country: USA
Sent: Nov 2014
Subject: incremental video


Your incremental video is an overhyped concept. It does not seem to be a good way of learning. Moreover, it seems like a work in progress with numerous technical glitches. After trying it for a while, I cannot say I learned much. Thank you for incremental reading though. This still seems like an idea with a future.



  • Incremental video is indispensable if you want to learn anything based on moving pictures (e.g. play soccer, play piano, etc.). Other than that, it is indeed pretty costly. You need to go through reels of material to extract things of value and they are often better/faster represented as text. It all depends on your needs. For most users, incremental reading is better. You are right.
  • The number of lectures on YouTube is exploding now. You can use incremental video for lectures too, even for sheer listening. You do not need to Extract, just mark you Start point at the time you need to quit listening
  • check the newest version for YouTube, most of the glitches have been worked around