Incremental video is less incremental than incremental reading

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From: Tom Hunt
Sent: Sep 24, 2011, 04:15:57
Subject: Unlike incremental reading, incremental video calls for linear viewing


In incremental video, when an extract A1 is made from a sub-element A, its stop time changes from the original stop time to the original video(parent element)'s end time, so to fix this i have to go to the next child sub-element B after sub-element A to take its start time to use as sub-element A's stop time. This causes about a 30 second to 1 minute interruption to the repetitions.



Incremental video was designed on the assumption that, unlike in incremental reading, you go through the main body of the video linearly. This is because of multiple context problems when splitting videos into smaller portions and watching them in your own order. This way, once you make an extract, the assumption is, you do not come back to the once viewed portion of the video as it is already part of the extract. When you return to process the video, you start from the last position extracted or marked with Start (without extracting). In other words, as you do not extract without viewing, there should be little needed for sub-extracts.