Huge load of extract with high priority. I messed up.

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I have memorized 5k topics. Unfortunately, I use Priority Queue more efficiently only a month(majority for items, it's easier). 70-75% these topics I have in 0-35% Priority range. I think the first thing I missed is this paragraph.

From Priority Queue article:

at article import, high priority will ensure early reading, however, once you get to reading, you may want to deprioritize and only give high priority to important extracts! You can set the priority for the entire article and split it all in one go (while reading or by an auto-split). It is however much easier to split the article incrementally as you progress with reading, and only then spread the priorities of all children elements with Priority : Spread on the browser processing menu. Once you finish reading the article, some of the generated extracts and clozes will be given higher priority (as per your decision), while most elements will get their priority set automatically on the basis of article's priority. This will usually be a priority that is higher than deserved. Hence Priority : Spread is recommended each time you complete reading an article

Could you please more elaborate this text?

I have 4 folders TO DO. The good thing is that because of huge overload is I realized that I have a limit to process/remember knowledge. (yeah I have to add less material) Also I realized that when I really want to start a subject I MUST start from building SIMPLE/BASICS MODELS. For the majority of time I repeated details and I didn't know "the big picture" of the subject/material. I know that reading topics has minimal effect on memory, at least massive reading. Only active recall brings effect. I noticed that too. I also realized of simiplicity of items, well that was a major breakthrough for me. Also, formulating items is much easier. (e.g. attacking information from different angles, reformulating clozes from the same parent in different way)

What do you think? Can I do massive deprioritization (i.e. Spread, adjust in proportion) for the entire branch? (E.g. I have a lot of imported and created branch FAQ-Supermemopedia) My first strategy was to deprioritize incrementally, however it looks like it takes too much time. (5k elemnents most in 0-30% range spreaded big intervals.

Topics protection
Items protection

My Average priority protecion for topics is very low (1-2%, even less).


  • You know your collection well and you know your strategies well. There is little place for theorizing on what would be best in your case. If you focus 100% on prioritizing new material, old material will fade naturally. if you are only in a month into prioritizing, you will probably discover many things about yourself in the next month. Your thinking may change. An alternative to de-prioritizing is Mercy. This way you could get the extra material in smaller portions for incremental de-prioritizing. If you are not sure, sleep on it for a week, perhaps you will have a few more ideas :) (you could then come back and fill out the answer field?)
  • Example 1: you find out that John Belushi died from injecting speedball. If you only want to know that speedball is cocaine+heroin, you can import Belushi from Wikipedia at 99%, split, find the piece on speedball, cloze, make the cloze higher priority, and leave the rest for later review/delete
  • Example 2: you need to read an article in detail urgently but do not want to waste time on prioritizing. You can set it to high priority, speed-read and extract important pieces, and then spread priorities depending on the "overall feel" of the priority of what you read. You can also locate 2-3 pieces of max inspiration for up-prioritizing. While reading, you can already prioritize the important fragment to come top at sorting by priority