How to learn elements in a specific sequence?

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Jacob asked:

If I want to learn newly added elements in a Specific order, for example, if i add 30 new elements and want to learn element one before element two, and element two before element three, and so on how can i ensure that supermemo repeats them in the correct order without manually altering each interval. It only maters for the first repetition and after that the intervals can be determined by the algorithm. I am using supermemo 15.


You can add your elements in the specific learning sequence to a given branch (this will make it easy to get them in that sequence in the browser).

Once you have the sequence determined in the tree, open the items in the browser.

In the browser, you can put elements in the pending queue, but can do even better if you use Learning : Spread (remember to choose Retain current repetition sequence in Criteria). You can then determine the sequence of elements to learn and how many of elements you want to learn per day. Remember, that Auto-sort can change the order of elements, and should not be used (even if you set priorities in sequence, auto-sort introduces some degree of randomness, unless you turn off the randomization too).

You can also learn directly from the branch in its order.