How to go from Cloze Deletions, Items and Topics to a Q&A template?

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I currently have a list of Items, Topics and Cloze Deletion Items. I would like to slowly convert these to a Question & Answer format (at least for the most important ones). I would like to do this "passively" in the sense that I will not spend time doing just this task. During normal repetitions I will see an item, evaluate how well I remember it, and then I can decide if I want to convert it into Q&A. When I decide, what's the best approach to get it under this form? Will adding it to another form lose the information related to it? (number of repetitions, etc)

Also, side question: After doing cloze deletions, I usually delete the original item/topic and leave only the "clozed" one. This has lead me in having many "empty" items, with only a title but no contents. How do I "purge" these items to clean-up my library? Will there be any consequences? (see this picture on what I mean:



  • if you build your cloze deletions well, keeping them in cloze format can save you lots of time
  • if you convert a cloze to a plain question, you need to do it within the current item. Creating a new item will (1) falsify information about the item, and (2) disconnect the item from its learning context (the topic of origin)
  • you can, but you do not have to, apply your Q&A template to your converted question & answer item with Ctrl+Shift+M (e.g. to mark item as "finished" and requiring less analysis as to its formulation)
  • deleting original topics with Done is the right way. You do not want to waste time on re-reading passively texts that you have well covered with items (even though, you may want to leave some for reference or archive reasons)
  • the best way to tackle empty dismissed topics is to just ignore them. They act as containers for items and keep a logic structure of your knowledge. If you are bothered by empty topics, describe the context and this might be the subject of a separate FAQ
  • the fastest way to filter out the dismissed topics from the browser (as in the picture), is to click the Memorized icon (blue M) or choose Child : Memorized on the menu