How to change current concept like changing categories in SM16?

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I just upgraded to SM17 yesterday from SM16. In SM16 (and presumably prior versions) there was an option on the Tools tab to change the current category. Doing this changed the system state so that all topics/items created would be attached to that category automatically and created under the category's current hook. This made it easy to navigate around the knowledge tree and choose where a new topic/item should be inserted.

Now in SM17 with concepts that replace categories that dropdown is no longer present in the Tools tab.

How can I recreate the same workflow? i.e. (1) change category (2) pick node in knowledge tree and set hook (3) create set of new items in that category under that hook.


SOLUTION I was just given the solution. It was moved to the element window toolbar and I didn't notice it! All is good now. :)


Yes. The button is now easier to access at the navigation bar of the element window. In the documentation, the button is called Choose default concept group. It helps you switch between chemistry or biology or other concept groups you learn.