How does exercise impact the PRC of sleep?

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From: Randy
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Subject: Exercise timing


thank you for your amazing work on the sleepmemo site regarding sleep and for your generosity and hard work in translating your findings into layman's terms for the world to understand. There's a lot of great information there, and I've really enjoyed reading through it. I have DSPS, and have recently made a promise to myself to figure out how to either get adequate sleep around my work schedule or change my job so that I can do so.

I was wondering where your conclusion (mentioned throughout the sleep info page) that exercise in the morning will advance a CR, and in the evening will delay? I came across a contradictory study and would love your opinion.


  • The impact of exercise will depend on timing and lighting, this is why it is very easy to get contradictory results. While late exercise will impact the PRC, early evening exercise may have no affect on the PRC but cause a phase advance thorough homeostatic mechanism. In short, if you exercise early, you tired yourself to early sleep. If you exercise late, you may push sleep to later hours.
  • in case you did not see it, please read Curing DSPS
  • the formula for DSPS is morning sports in bright light (and being careful with all forms of exercise in the evening)