Getting sleep by just closing eyes

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From: عبدالله ابو محمد
Country: Pakistan
Sent: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 00:30:33 +0300
Subject: Sleep is not for closing eyes only


In my research, I have concluded that sleep serves only one function: closing the eyes. Loss of consciousness follows only due to boredom. Note that fish that do not have eyelids do not sleep. There is more evidence to prove my thesis.

(mail sent to all top scientists in the field of sleep research)


Science says that sleep serves neural function. The body of evidence is huge. You cannot ignore all that evidence and build your own theory based on a couple of observations. You can easily disprove your thesis by mechanically forcing a human being to keep his eyes open (with some irrigation to prevent corneal damage). Sleep will follow inevitably. That sleep will largely fulfill its function even during daylight (light has a major impact on sleep phase, not on sleep quality). To begin serious theorizing, you would need to answer the immediate question: if the function of sleep is to close the eyes, what is the function of closing the eyes?