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From: Darek
Country: USA
Sent: Jul 17, 2017
Subject: GIF flicker


I am starting to study American Sign Language (ASL). I am using screen recording software to make animated GIFs, and I'd like some easier ways to include them in the collection.

When GIFs are imported into the registry (i.e. as an image component), then the playback flickers upon every frame. This problem is not present when I "localize" the images directly into the HTML component. Following the hint at Animated_GIFs_cause_a_flicker namely setting the Stretch to "Normal", does not help.

Here is one example of a problematic page and image:

Also, is it possible to copy-and-paste an image directly into the "local" images (i.e. into a *_files directory)?

Finally, do you know of any way to copy-paste complete animated GIFs from the browser? It seems the default functionality (at least for Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome 59 with SM15) is to only copy a single frame.


The problem with the example GIF could not be reproduced. When imported as Local pages with local images in web import, it plays ok in all stretch modes (in the same way as on the website, i.e. rather slowly). Please see if you have the newest SuperMemo. Also, it might work differently in older Windows.

Using local files in _files folder is not recommended. SuperMemo does not handle those too well.

Copy&paste will convert an image to a JPG. This is why verbatim import or download are your best options.