Formula picture download from Wikipedia is empty

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From: Olivia
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Subject: Formula picture download from Wikipedia is empty


I try to download a formula, but the picture is empty (also in download panel preview). Try this: (first picture on the list).



Some old PNGs do cause problems (e.g. non-standard compression). This one is indeed blank in SuperMemo. You will soon see it is rather an exception. A vast majority of pictures at Wikipedia show up ok in SuperMemo. At worst, SuperMemo uses thumbs for SVGs, but those you can easily replace with global paste with your chosen resolution. Note that this particular PNG also causes problems in Windows Photo View and Windows Photos. Other default Windows apps handle it correctly. The proportion of those problematic picture files seems to be in decline. SuperMemo is not likely to improve unless via third party component changes that we do not monitor too closely.

Note that you can easily work around similar problems by using Paste instead of Download.