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Basic information

This is a new release of modified Advanced English for the mass market. The program and the installation is made as simple as possible. It requires no advanced knowledge of SuperMemo or software in general. With a couple of clicks you can instantly begin advancing your English from medium to advanced levels


  • simplicity
  • popular and highly-ranked Advanced English material (45,000 items)
  • complete sound set for questions and answers
  • voice-driven commands, voice recognition module
  • Basic English can use British or American sound versions
  • And much more ...


  • not compatible with SuperMemo for Windows (e.g. SuperMemo 16). Consider Advanced English 2014. Extreme English is handled by Multimedia SuperMemo; the upgrade to SuperMemo 12-16 or later is possible but requires solid fluency in SuperMemo for Windows. Some features cannot be upgraded.

Advanced English for SuperMemo 16

See also: Advanced English 2014

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