Dishonesty by a scientist completely ruins credibility

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Dear Sir:

I have been studying the topic of polyphasic sleep recently with great interest. Web searches brought me to your treatise, which, while making interesting reading, was in the end a huge disappointment.

It is important to realize that most of the experimenters are Americans, because apparently you don't understand the dynamics of our culture. Briefly put, you paraded evidence that seemed to support your claims, while completely ignoring evidence that does not.

For example, you flatly state that no polyphaser is ever a woman, while at the same time quoting from a blog written by one! (A search at will reveal other female polyphasic sleepers.) In another instance, you quoted a medical disclaimer from one polyphasic, while leaving out his comments on the experiment's great success.

This practice on your part, Doctor, is seen by Americans as being dishonest. Dishonesty by a scientist completely ruins credibility. Since it's easy to believe that you were dishonest on polyphasic sleep, it's also easy to believe that you are lying about your product, SuperMemo.

This is going to cost you money, Doctor. Who is going to buy a product by a lying scientist? I hope I have given you something to think about.

For the record, I believe polyphasic sleep might work for some (mutants, in your words), while not working for others.


George Amberson


There has been a followup to that article (see: Polyphasic sleep: 5 years later). In the mean time, please write which evidence was skipped. Thank you.

Most up-to-date evidence:

Is it relevant?

Who cares? Your message has nothing to do with the use of SuperMemo and confers no benefit to SuperMemo users. If you have an issue with a study that someone has done, you should email them directly to discuss in private. This wiki is not the appropriate forum for such discussions. --Matt 14:29, 17 October 2009 (UTC)


Matt. This was sent appropriately to woz(AT)supermemo, but it raises a bigger ethical issue that is relevant to SuperMemo (esp. for newcomers and non-users).