Disappearing spaces when copy reference

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On my desktop I use very convenient method of coping reference to next element. Recently I moved into laptop computer. After that something strange occurred. When I copy reference to the next element the leading spaces are lost. How to make SuperMemo not to delete this spaces?



  • Those do not look like actual references (at least not in SM15). If so, you could have a peek at the HTML code to see how those elements differ. Probably all copy&paste is handled by Internet Explorer, not SuperMemo.
  • adding or not adding NBSP might be the difference in Internet Explorer HTML processing at copy&paste


<HR SuperMemo>
<FONT class=reference>nbsp;Developing SSIS Packages <BR>nbsp;Training Kit Exam 70-448 </FONT>
<HR SuperMemo>
<FONT class=reference>Developing SSIS Packages <BR>Training Kit Exam 70-448 </FONT>