Difficult move from flashcards to incremental reading

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From: P.B.
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Sent: Oct 12, 2017
Subject: SuperMemo 17


hello, i am currently using quizlet, memrise and flashcards deluxei have just purchased supermemo for the purpose of incremental learning. i was aware that this would take time but just not how difficult otherwise standard things are in supermemo. My main question right now is how to import my large database of test files into supermemo. i have made them into a q:/a: unicode text file but, trying for a few hours, was unable to import this in professional mode - import, as the program would simply not find the file, even though it was in the few folders accessible in that place. it is correct that one cannot have multiple card-sides in super-memo, is that right? could you help me with this import issue? also, i have not received any an access code yet. my order number is: ​supermemo-28852 would be great if you could help me out with this. all the best, philipp


  • you need to find your Q&A file in the location where it was saved. Use File : Import : Q&A text and navigate to that location. If you still have problems, please write back with more details (or screenshots)
  • not sure what "card sides" are, however, you probably need to read about templates, components, and Display At attribute
  • if in doubt, remember that things you need for learning must be there in SuperMemo. Perhaps under a different name. Some strategies have been simplified over years. What intuition tells you you need, may have been replaced with a different approach that turns out to work better in practice
  • the question of standards is relative. When you speak of "card sides", we think "questions and answers". Card sides sound like a flashcard terminology, while questions-and-answers are probably more intuitive to an average student who is not familiar with flashcards
  • perhaps "card sides" are "composite questions" like the one mentioned by this Anki user speaking of "Answer Side": Composite questions like in Anki