Deleting many sounds files an once

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As it can be noticed on the picture there are two sound components (each associated with different sound file) in the item. I have several thousand of that kind of items. It is an old collection I have bought many years ago. Now I would be happy to shrink size of my collection. I don't need upper sound component. How to delete upper sound component and associated mp3 files in many items at once?

Thanks for help.



If you have a big sound file associated with many components, you can delete that sound file, or the associated registry member, however, you cannot delete all components that use the sound unless you go to each element individually. In all cases you will free the disk space. Deleting a member is fastest/cleanest.

deleting sound file

Go the the registry member associated with the sound, look at the bottom of the registry window and delete the file displayed at the bottom from your hard disk. The sound registry member will be "empty" and all components that use it will be "empty"

deleting sound member

Choose Links : Registry member on the sound component, and delete the member. All sound components using the member will become "empty"

deleting all components

Go to the sound registry member in the registry, choose Browse, and delete the relevant component from each element displayed in the browser.