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Is it possible to choose to execute Final Drill on only those items that are in a particular node in the knowledge tree, or that meet certain criteria from a search?

I am studying for a difficult exam. Each day I first choose to execute Learn on the elements in one particular node in my knowledge tree, then proceed with other ad hoc learning.

I would like to use Final Drill on only that one set without being drilled on every possible item that I may have missed that day.


You can use Save drill on the browser menu to put the subset into the final drill.

You could also have a peek at Add to outstanding to return items to the outstanding set and then review the subset again. This way all extra repetitions will register in repetition history. In theory, the algorithm should handle this type of early review, but if the difference is in minutes, it might shorten all intervals. Please pay attention to the date of the next repetition.

Follow up

I must be missing a concept regarding Supermemo usage, because I don't see a way to have the browser only show the items that should be in the final drill. Can you clarify how the browser and the final drill are related? Thank you.

quick hint

probably we will need to rewrite this page for clarity. you mentioned "branch" that you want to learn. with Ctrl+space you can open that branch in the browser. if you need more help, please write. once you have all tools at hand, we will rewrite this text


Ah ok that is what I was missing. I was not aware I could open the branch in the browser that way. By "branch" I simply mean the currently selected topic/folder and all its children -- in my case there are over 1,000 child items and topics so far in this topic.

However when I use Save Drill to overwrite the final drill queue and then execute final drill I am shown all topics/items even those that have been dismissed or "done." It appears to do this because pressing Ctrl+space puts all descendants of the selected folder/topic into the browser, not just those that are active. (i.e. not dismissed/done) Is this the expected behavior?

To clarify what I am trying to do, using this image from as an example I would want to execute final drill on only those items in "Computer Science" that would normally be in the final drill when I am done for the day. Not all items that would be in final drill, nor all items/topics under the "Computer Science" folder -- only those under "Computer Science" that ended up in the final drill queue because I missed them today.

I hope that makes more sense. Thank you.