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In newer Windows, you may need to download a newer version of SuperMemo 15.


Alexgangur wrote:

At what seems to have been an arbitrary point in time, my ability to make cloze deletions in my copy of SuperMemo 15 has broken. It began about a week ago.

Now, when I select a section of text in a topic page and create a cloze deletion, the text does not become highlighted in orange as it usually would. But the text selection changes, with the very last character in the block of text remaining selected after performing the cloze operation.

A child element is still created, but the [...] ellipsis is always at the very beginning of the page, and the text that should have been deleted (at question) remains. I have to manually go through (sometimes very large) numbers of these child elements to delete the text that shouldn't be visible on question.

My version of Windows is 8.1 (Windows Vista 6.2 (Build 9200)) and my version of Internet Explorer is 7.0 (0). I don't ever use Internet Explorer, so any updates on that side of things will have come through an automatic update. Let me know if any other specifications would help.


  • sudden similar changes in behavior of SuperMemo are almost certainly caused by updates to Internet Explorer (or changes in Internet Explorer settings, if you made any)
  • please see Windows Updates (view update history) to see which update might be causing the problem
  • the color of the closed keyword (orange by default), is determined by the stylesheet. Try Text : Style : Edit, or Text : Style : Link on the context menu of the offending component
  • ellipsis at the beginning of the text and undeleted texts indicate a major problem with handling HTML via DOM. This and the failure to employ stylesheets indicates that internet explorer fails to respond to commands issued by SuperMemo
  • please write, at your earliest convenience: the date and name of the last Windows update, etc.
  • please get in touch with support at help2015(AT)supermemo(.)org
  • please send Help : E-mail : Bug report
  • some customers have experienced similar problems in the past too, and these have all been resolved (unless not reported). Some of those cases should be documented at SuperMemopedia. For example, a major issue with older SuperMemos: SuperMemo editing disabled all of a sudden!
  • you could temporarily uninstall Windows updates that arrived at the time of the problem appearing


See: SuperMemo editing disabled all of a sudden!