Cloze deletions in nested extracts

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From: Abel
Country: Canada
Sent: {{{Sent}}}
Subject: Cloze deletions in nested extracts


Suppose I am reviewing a paragraph from a book. The title of the topic is the chapter title of the book. I split the paragraph into two extracts, A and B, which return in the review cycle a few days later. A gets split again, into A1 and A2. Both of these topics are then changed into cloze deletions. However, since they came from a series of extracts, the answer to the cloze deletion is already present in the tree structure in the Ancestors window (in Warrior mode). Is there a quick and easy way to stop that from happening, or will I need to give a separate title to every little extract?


  • Ancestors will often provide clues to answers. You need to either learn not to peek at that window, or simply close it during repetitions.
  • context should always be a part of the question! Ancestors can be used for "context research" around the repetition, but not at question time!


Follow-up Question But the whole purpose of the ancestors window is to give more context to the extracts that come up for review. Sometimes you need that context, other times you don't. It would make more sense to have SM automatically hide the extract text in the ancestors window if that extract has a cloze deletion as child. Is there no better way of dealing with this problem?