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I use a layout with no toolbars visible - they are kept docked (there is only the element window visible). Since in my layout I have no visible toolbars, I have no access to the category combo box either . Therefore, I was wondering what convenient ways there are for a user like me to make a category current.

For one thing, I know that you can go to Search:: Categories, and on the list that will appear in the window, double-click a category, to make it current. However, I was wondering if there are any other ways. For example, maybe you can do something in the contents window to make a category current? Or maybe there is some useful option hidden away on the new learn bar that I haven't noticed (if there isn't, how about implementing one for users who don't use toolbars)?


Probably the fastest way is Alt+S and C (two keystrokes). Then you need to type the first letter or two of the category to choose and press Enter (if you want a better way, you will need to put it in Suggestions).