Cannot use SuperMemo in a new computer

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From: F.A.
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Sent: Mar 20, 2017
Subject: new computer


I have been using Supermemo v 17 successfully for over 2 months (I was using v 16 and recently upgraded) now on a hp computer running windows 10 home.

Because my laptop was slow I decided to invest in a new and faster computer. I purchased a dell Inspirion 13 7000 series which also runs windows 10 home.

I am unfortunately unable to open supermemo without removing it from program files.

Secondly the knowledge files that I have transferred to my new computer are not being recognized and I am unable to open over three years of work on my new computer.


  • we have no reports of any issues with SuperMemo 17 in Windows 10
  • you may need to use As Administrator to run SuperMemo in \program files
  • you need to provide some more information, e.g. to explain "unable to open SuperMemo", or "files not recognized" (please provide steps, error messages, etc.)
  • your collections should ideally be placed in \systems\ folder in your SuperMemo folder (this makes them instantly visible in File : Open collection)
  • to open collections located elsewhere, you need to navigate to the appropriate folder
  • more about collection copying and backup:
  • see also Serious bugs under Windows 10


error messages

A typical error caused by using SuperMemo collections in \Program files:

Error reading text file:
C:\program files\supermemo\sm\bin\yt.htm
File access denied