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Labin asked:

I have recently purchased the American States collection from, and I attempted to merge the collection with my existing collection in SuperMemo 2006. Upon doing so, I realized that the images for "drag and drop" placement of cities were no longer visible because of an overlaying image. That is, the collection originally gave several cities for placement along the side, which one would click and drag to the appropriate place on a map of a state, but after merging the collections, the state image is no longer completely visible because the possible city location image is covering the underlying map image.

I read in the help documentation that some discrepancies occur with background images during merging, but I would like to know how to correct such problems or prevent them altogether.


Unfortunately, merge/transfer operations cannot transfer all properties from one collection to another. In your case you have two solutions:

  1. recommended: use two collections separately
  2. not recommended: transfer your main collection to the American States collection (apply extreme caution! again some of the properties of your main collection might not transfer)