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From: J.O.
Country: {{{Country}}}
Sent: Jul 27, 2017
Subject: Cannot find child element


This bug happens when I try to delete an element. If I accidently click "add new" then try to delete [ctrl, shift, del]. I get this. Thanks again for the help!

"Cannot find child element
Child: Item #2,364: 2017:07:26 18:36:24: #2364 (Bible Memory)
Parent: [3] Bible Memory (104)"

SuperMemo 17 (Build 17.21, May 15, 2017)
Time: Jul 26, 2017, Wed, 18:37
--------------------COLLECTION STATISTICS
Collection       c:\supermemo\systems\bible memory
Date             7/26/2017 (Wed)
First day        6/23/2013
Period           4yr 1mth 4 days
Memorized        1,495 el. (100.0%)
Memorized items  1,485 it. (99.3%)
Memorized topics 10 top. (0.7%)
Memorized/Day    0.9933 it/day
Total            2,307 el.
Items            1,527 it.
Topics           780 top.


You have sent this error in a series of other content-related errors, which clearly indicate your contents tree has been damaged. This looks like a bad file on the disk. You will probably need to restort to your backup or mail that collection for inspection.

You should, however, always star from:

  • backup
  • Repair collection

some contents errors may look serious but be remediable