Can your Plan option impact my will power?

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From: anonymous
Country: Poland
Sent: Mar 14, 2017
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Do you believe ... Tools : Plan has the potential to improve one's will power?


it works from both ends: (1) it is a prop that leads you by the nose to do what you need to do (2) it is a never-ending exercise that brings all habits and procedures back to your mind over and over again

with ruthless statistics, you can see your progress (or decline), and thus are under a constant pressure of your own whip. Massaging slots makes things realistic. You may want to learn 8 hours per day, but your brain will refuse, so Plan will naturally make you pad up with movies, exercise, family time, and the like. After a while, you will know you can learn 4.731 hour per day and not a bit longer :)


Will power is trainable. Using Plan daily will improve your will power. More importantly though, Plan is a prop that helps you execute even if you will power is deficient.

Tools : Plan makes procrastination hard. It rings an alarm and tells you to execute an activity. You may linger, cheat and pretend to be deaf, but at least you will be informed of your offence by the program. This is how Plan guides you through your day: small step by small step. Naturally, establishing a plan is just the first step. You will quickly be shocked how hard it is to stick to your dream schedule. Your breakfast will last longer, and your web browsing slot will always be too short. From day to day you need to make minor adjustments to make your plan realistic. It must provide enough room for enjoying your day rather than being under a whip all the time. It makes a good sense to include your "favorite time-wasting slot" in the schedule. However, you must be able to stick to time allocating limits. If you keep failing, you may need to go cold turkey on some things in your life. You should never engage in addictive activities if you cannot keep them in specific time brackets. Some people can drink moderately, others need to forget about alcohol.