Can we exclude the pending elements in priority box?

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It's rather a suggestion because I don't see any option to change. The pending(unmemorized element) interfere with memorized element. I would rather see a memorized element as reference to when to place my element. This function can be used for situation when Advanced English (45k elements) is merged with main collection.



if you do not want to see pending elements in the box, put them at the end of the priority queue. You can prioritize at memorizing.

Follow up

I was thinking about it, but I wondered how Advanced English was prioritized.(e.g. most important are Useful Phrases). Looks like it's pretty good for average "consumption". Nevertheless I still need to prioritize on my own.

Follow up to Follow up

Because of priority is relative I cannot set even 40-100% (it shows 0 steps). Your suggestion may make sense only when I will have maaaany more elements.

deprioritizing pending

You could try one of the two:

  • open the memorized subset and use increase priority
  • open the pending subset and use decrease priority (you could decrease as much as possible and the queue will just be reshuffled with elements pushed towards the end)